Gifts for Lighting

48W LED Lamp Nail Designed for the professional ones, LED lamp nail helps to dry nails fast in a blink to create many of incredible styles.
Texsens LED Music Bulb Oh yeah let's go party!!! Make your own party in the house with Texsens led music bulb, control by phone and play any song you want. This led can make fully music in the air so why do you have to go outside for fun now?
GIGALUMI Garden Lights Outdoor, Cracked Glass Ball Dual LED Light up you garden more sparkle with Gigalumi lights. And then it will look like fire-flies in night, how can it be better?
TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp You want to read books or newspaper? You don't have to turn every lights in your house to do that, just turn one lamp to have enough light of reading, Trond LED is made for you. Our product has 5 lighting modes for you to adjust suitable level for eyes. Remember, this lamp is just designed for specific work like reading, crafts,sewing, etc because it cannot light up the whole room.
SUNMEG 8W LED Filament Bulbs Dimmable Give bright light like the sun with SUNMEG 8W LED Filament Bulbs Dimmable, make your room have new type of light , save at least 80% energy compare to other normal ones.
Tall Floor Lamp 52 inch Light up your whole room by one tall floor lamp. With 52 inch size, it looks like a lighting pole in the dark but not make dazzle your eyes. Isn't it great? Hurry up and add this item into your basket right away.
LED Flame Lamp Bluetooth Speaker Change your room's atmosphere by music and warm light by fire color and cozy by Zanflare flame lamp - a LED Bluetooth speaker lamp. WIth unique in designing, it's not only decorate your simple room to be more interesting but also can bring it a new color, warmer, sweeter than it ever was.
ShackJoy Super Bright Motion Sensor Light Control your light just by motion of body, ShackJoy can bright your way by simple moves. Small and simple in designing make it even more easier to use and install. You will see what they can do by your own eyes with reasonable price.
Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights Your garden will sparkle in the night not because of light bulbs, it's all about flash flower glowing in the dark, light up area around your house. There are so many color to choose, this set is just have purple and white, you can search more if you want to have plentiful of colors.
AUKEY Table Lamp Make your house look more attractive with Aukey table lamp. Designed simple but it can elevate your space into a new level of elegant, it lights enough to reading or just relax with 3 modes to choose from- soft glow, ambient warmth, and bright light.